About us

Bulgu Research is a professional research organization founded in 1990 to conduct marketing research and social / political research.

Today it offers 5 countries in Turkey's 81 provinces and rural and the urban quarter century of experience regardless of differences in the quality and productivity of research findings and services in the marketing industry. With more than 8 million surveys conducted by various methods to date, it is one of the organizations that set the bar for success in field research both in quantity and quality.

Finding, thinking together with the customer produces viable solution proposals. In all projects, it provides the most accurate data in the shortest time and in the most cost-effective manner with the common reasoning principle with its expert staff.

Finding the address of reliable data in the marketing research sector, it also has a vast accumulation of social / political research.

Our goal is to ensure that anyone who has a connection with Finding wins. In this context, it is the market research solution partner in the formation of the findings needed in the decisions to be taken for corporate profitability. Findings The research complies with the professional ethics rules set by ESOMAR and TÜAD.

It is one of the most satisfied and preferred institutions in customer relations management in the market research sector.

Our common principle applicable to all units of the Finding; our customers the most appropriate price, highest quality service and working information is to provide unconditional security. In this context, we are proud of being the first company to receive the Güvenilir Reliable Research Certificate in Data Collection - ISO 20252 kalite which is the quality certificate of the sector.